Tools for Development and AWS

All my tools you can find here are free to use, free to download and you can share them with all the people you want. If you like my tools, I will also be happy if you donate a small amount of money in appreciation for the tools.

If you have something you want to share, I have a simple contact form that gets to me directly. I am happy about any comment and suggestion. I’ll be a little happier if you like my software and donate what you think the software is worth to you.

Latest news since April 2024

I started to publish all my software as Open Source at GitHub. But not the current versions. I plan to complete rewrite the applications and tools using Python and wxWidgets and get rid of Delphi. As soon as the first application has been published, you will find a special note on the corresponding page.

About me – Daniel Seichter

That is me

Some facts about me:

  • I am old, but not too old 🙂 (born in the eighties)
  • Working as Solution Architect 🧑‍💼
  • ♥️ AWS
  • develop with Delphi and Python and terraform 🚀
  • love driving my Tamiya cars

Everything else, you will find on Linkedin, Stackoverflow or GitHub.

If you want to support me within your next Amazon order, please use that link: AWS Certifcation

Hope you like my tools,

Daniel Seichter