GitHub Issue Client

Create new tasks in your GitHub repositories

With my GitHub Issue Client you can easily and quickly create new tasks within your GitHub repositories. You can access all your available repositories and always get the latest data to create new tasks. All you need is to provide your username and the corresponding Personal Access Token. You create this in your Github profile. Are you using GitHub Enterprise? No problem, just provide your instance URL.

    GitHub Issue Client
    GitHub Issue Client

    Use the Markdown editor to get a live HTML preview of your task. Thus, even before submitting your task, you can see the view of the task as it will appear on GitHub. Additionally, use the Markdown editor to create more comprehensive tasks. Once your task is entered, the Apply button will take it to the main window.

    GitHub Issue Client - Markdown
    GitHub Issue Client – Markdown

    Installation and configuration of GitHub Issue Client

    Download the current version of our software for GitHub and save the file in a directory of your choice. In this directory the program creates its configuration file. Depending on how many different GitHub accounts you use, create another subdirectory each with a copy of the executable.

    When you start the application for the first time, it checks whether you have already specified a user name and a Personal Access Token. If this is not the case, enter your own data on the configuration tab. We reload your repositories every time you start the program. This way the program will always show you the latest data. In addition you have the possibility to recall the list of your repositories at any time also over the button again.

    GitHub Issue Client - Configuration
    GitHub Issue Client – Configuration

    Other options for setting are:

    • Checking for updates at startup
    • Using the Dark Mode
    • Move application to the system tray when minimizing it
    • Pinning windows to the lower right corner of your monitor

    To use GitHub Enterprise, please enter the URL of your installation. Our program supports the current version 3 of the API.

    The program saves the settings again when you exit. So you will not lose changed settings.

    Your suggestions

    I would love to hear your ideas on what I can improve in the Issue Client for GitHub. Please feel free to use my contact form.

    The next changes I would like to release in the next versions include:

    • Use of templates when creating new issues
    • A simple editor for more optimal formatting


    This software Github Issue Client is freeware. It may be redistributed without my consent! I assume no liability for the software!

    Version Information

    Github Issue Client – 2.0.1
    • CHG: Update Code Signing Certificate
    • FIX: First refactoring using SonarQube
    Github Issue Client – 2.0.0
    • CHG: rebrand from erpware to Daniel Seichter
    Github Issue Client – 1.3.0
    • NEW: Add Markdown-Editor
    • CHG: Improve UI with more icons from Icon8
    • CHG: Show new version number, if update is available
    • FIX: It was possible that settings where not stored correctly