Python Starter

Execute local Python scripts

I use the Python Starter to conveniently execute local Python scripts via button. At the same time, I also use the Python Starter for local development of my AWS Lambda functions before I deploy them. I use Python for all my backend tasks. This tool is for easy launching your scripts.

    Python Starter
    Python Starter

    In the background, the Python Starter executes commands according to the following scheme:

    • Switch to the working directory
    • Execute the Python command, via python -c "your command".

    The output of the executed script is displayed at the bottom. Each subsequent execution cleans up the previous output.

    Installation and configuration

    Save the downloaded pythonstarter.exe to a destination folder of your choice and run the program. A configuration file will be created, which you can open directly by clicking the “Config” button. Add your Python scripts and working directories to this file. Save your changes and close the editor. The data will be reloaded automatically.

    To set environment variables for your Python file, you can add as many entries as you want. These are added automatically when you run your script. Please note that they may be case sensitive.

    The output of the Python script that is running will be displayed to you at the bottom of the window.

    python=import sample; sample.helloworld()
    [Another Function]
    python=import sample2; sample2.helloworld()


    The software Python Starter is freeware and can be redistributed without my consent! I assume no liability for the software!

    Version information

    As soon as I release a new version of Python Starter, I will list the changes that have been made to it here in more detail.

    I am also very happy to receive your suggestions about the Python Starter tool. I am looking forward to any feedback. Please use my contact form for this purpose.

    Python Starter – 2.0.1
    • CHG: Update Code Signing Certificate
    • FIX: First refactoring using SonarQube
    Python Starter – 2.0.0
    • CHG: rebrand from erpware to Daniel Seichter
    Python Starter – 1.3.0
    • NEW: New Design for better experience
    • NEW: Enables setting environment variables
    • CHG: improvements on execute the python scripts