Run If Exists

Run a file or script if exists

After almost 6 years, I have revised my tool Run If Exists and offer exactly the same function as last in 2016. Start applications as soon as a defined file exists. Define several different configurations and launch them in parallel so you can run multiple applications at once.

    Run If Exists
    Run If Exists

    Installation and configuration

    The installation of Run If Exists is, like on my others tools, very simple. Download the executable file and define the program or script you want to run and the startup file that will make the defined program run. Activate the startup using the Activate button. For testing, you can have an empty start file created (via the Create Startfile button) or create a shortcut directly on your desktop.

    Use the menu to access our website or check directly if an update is available.

    Please make sure that a possibly existing file is overwritten when creating the start file (button “Create Startfile”). Therefore, check the correct spelling of your start file beforehand.

    The start file is automatically deleted after execution. Therefore, do not necessarily use the startup file as a data source for your scripts, as this may make debugging more difficult.

    If you have a new requirement that you would like me to add to Run If Exists, please do not hesitate to let me know. I will be very happy to extend the features so that the tool can be of even greater help to you.


    You can also define more extensive workflows with Run If Exists. This depends on the applications or scripts you use.

    You can also configure the processing of parallel tasks. Here it is important that a start file is read by several configurations at the same time. The only thing you have to pay attention to here is that you can actually execute the program or script to be started at the same time.

    Since my program treats each process separately and does not perform any plausibility check to the other configurations, I cannot prevent the following:

    • Endless loops
    • High resource utilization
    • Data loss

    Therefore please check this carefully. Since version 1.1 I have implemented a check for the manual generation of the start file.

    Run If Exists was created in the style of IFTTT (if this, than that) or its alternatives. However, with the goal of limiting itself to local scripts.


    This software Run If Exists is freeware. It may also be distributed without my consent! I assume no liability for the software!

    Version Information

    As soon as I have released a new version, I will list the changes that have been made to it in more detail here.

    I am also very happy to receive your suggestions about the Run If Exists tool. I am looking forward to any feedback. Please use my contact form.

    Run If Exists – 2.0.1
    • CHG: Update Code Signing Certificate
    • FIX: First refactoring using SonarQube
    Run If Exists – 2.0.0
    • CHG: rebrand from erpware to Daniel Seichter
    Run If Exists – 1.1.0
    • FIX: Prevent accidental overwriting of the start file