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My tool Workdir is one of the oldest tools I use. I have not been navigating back and forth between directories for over ten years now. I press a button and open my directories directly. I can also start executing commands with one click. With another button I directly start the command line. And sometimes I directly start a command inside the directory. This makes working with directories much easier.


In the published version, you can theoretically specify an unlimited number of directories. Up to six individual commands can be called. When the program starts, it checks whether the directory exists. If not, it will be colored red and no actions will be available.

Installation and configuration

Save the downloaded workdir.exe in a destination folder of your choice and start the program. Via the configuration (tab Configuration) you can specify your directories and store up to six commands.

Workdir - Configuration

Please note that in the current version you can only specify the directory itself as a placeholder. The examples for CMD, Git Bash and Windows Explorer should help you to implement your own calls. Once you click Save, the commands and directories are immediately available in the Directories tab.

For commands that you do not want to start by mistake, the program gives you, via the Confirmation option, a prompt to display. Here you will be shown a dialog before each execution, which you must confirm before the command is actually executed.

Please always specify the directories using the variable {directory}. This will be replaced and assembled accordingly when the commands are executed. Of course you can also specify executable files or shell scripts which will be called accordingly. This has not been necessary for ourselves so far.

Multiple configurations

I am asked from time to time if I would like to offer more than six commands. This request is mostly based on the need to handle different types of directories with different commands. Very gladly I give our answer in summary, so that it can help you from the beginning:

Workdir can be used multiple times. Create a subfolder each time, which you name “Development” or “Projects”, for example. Copy the application file into these directories. When you start the program, it will check if there is already a configuration there (if not, the program will create it automatically). Now you can define different commands, independent of the category. For example, the opening or updating (git pull) of directories with source code. Or automatic generation of thumbnails or conversion of file formats. The variety knows no limits. Workdir supports you in meeting these requirements as well.

In conjunction with Run If Exists, you can also automate some of your tasks. In Workdir, have the start file created with an “echo” command.


This software Workdir is freeware. It may also be distributed without my consent! I assume no liability for the software!

Version Information

As soon as I release a new version of Workdir, I will list the changes that have been made to it here in more detail.

I am also very happy to receive your suggestions about the Workdir tool. I am looking forward to any feedback. Please use my contact form for this purpose.

Workdir 2.0.3

Releasedate: 2024-01-30

  • CHG: Updated CodeSigning certificate

Workdir 2.0.2

Releasedate: 2023-11-23

  • FIX: Update Url
  • FIX: Cleanup and rewrite about texts.

Workdir 2.0.1

Releasedate: 2023-02-07

  • CHG: Update Code Signing Certificate
  • FIX: First refactoring using SonarQube

Workdir 2.0.0

Releasedate: 2022-08-20

  • CHG: rebrand from erpware to Daniel Seichter

Workdir 1.8.3

Releasedate: 2022-04-05

  • FIX: replace internal component